DNA Collection Under Guise Of Covid Testing

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DNA Collection Under Guise Of Covid Testing

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Let's face it, when it comes to getting a covid test, any way you get it done would be a fantastic way to collect DNA on a massive scale.
Even the main stream media is starting to warn people about China's interest in foreign DNA.
Check out this 60 Minutes episode

But of course, for something on that scale to be worth while, there has to be a goal in mind.
Here's my thought on that...

Climate change is a real thing. While Gretta Thunberg may not be the ideal spokesperson for the cause, I can't see how anyone can deny that we've buggered up the planet, and possibly beyond recovery at this point.
This leads us into another topic of space exploration. We have all been made aware that space agencies are now looking at other planets for possible inhabitation. Even the moon is on this list now.

So here is how it all comes together...

World leaders have realized that something has to give on this planet. We are quickly running out of space to grow food. Remember, they've been looking at growing meat in labs. Over population is a real thing and the only way to overcome that is to have less people on the planet. Some may think that this virus was engineered and released just for this purpose, but the mortality rate simply isn't going to get this job done. Instead, we are testing people all over the planet and possibly creating the biggest DNA database ever dreamed. The goal? Identify the best candidates to eventually colonize the moon, perhaps Mars, or even beyond our solar system when we are able to do so.


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